Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts

Painting Cattle


January 9 - February 7 , 2021


9:30–17:00 (Last entry 30 minutes before closing)


Mondays  (Except  January 11), January 12


Adults 300 (150) yen, University / High school students 200 (100) yen

* ( ) indicate prices for those in groups of 20 or more.

*Free for Junior high school students and under and those 65 years and older living in Osaka city. Please show proof of age (driver’s license, passport, etc.) when entering.


The third year of Reiwa is the year of the ox. Cattle have been bred as livestock for ages, and have become very familiar to people as they help with farming and transportation. The ox’s laidback and charming appearance often shows up in Japanese paintings. In celebration of the new year, we’ll introduce you to pieces depicting cattle from early modern and modern Japanese paintings.

Pick up

Hashimoto Kansetsu Ox

1925   Private Coll.



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