Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts

the 50 Year Anniversary of the Death of SHIMA Seien, The Woman Artist of Osaka


September 5 – October 11 , 2020


9:30–17:00 (Last entry 30 minutes before closing)


Mondays  except  September 21


Adults 300 (150) yen, University / High school students 200 (100) yen

* ( ) indicate prices for those in groups of 20 or more.

*Free for Junior high school students and under and those 65 years and older living in Osaka city. Please show proof of age (driver’s license, passport, etc.) when entering.


SHIMA Seien(1892-1970)was a female painter of Nihon-ga, Japanese style painting. She was born in Sakai and spent her active years as a painter in Osaka. She made her mark early on, being accepted for the 6th Bunten Art Exhibition when she was only twenty years old and garnered attention for her sensational work that transcended the domain of bijinga (beautiful woman picture).

The museum houses 88 works donated by the painter herself and her family. In the 50th anniversary of her death, we will look back on Seien’s achievements as a painter through these works. Please have a look at the brilliance of the female painter who lived through Osaka in the Taisho period.

Pick up

Shima Seien Untitled

1918 Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts, Gift of Morimoto Mitsuko



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