Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts

Requiems for Court Ladies: Sui Stone Carvings


February 20 - March 21 , 2021


9:30–17:00 (Last entry 30 minutes before closing)




Adults 300 (150) yen, University / High school students 200 (100) yen

* ( ) indicate prices for those in groups of 20 or more.

*Free for Junior high school students and under and those 65 years and older living in Osaka city. Please show proof of age (driver’s license, passport, etc.) when entering.


Although the Sui dynasty was short-lived at just 37 years, it unified the Northern and Southern dynasties, and laid the foundation for the Tang dynasty. In calligraphy, it was a very important era in the history of the development of standard-style script, and is noteworthy for its abundance of fascinating epitaphs. In this exhibition, we will primarily introduce the epitaphs of women known as “court ladies”, who served in the court of Emperor Yang Guang.

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Epitaph of Court Lady

Sui Dynasty, dated 612
Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts; Shikosai Collection



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